I worked with the design team at Sketch from 2019 to 2022; covering brand, process, and product design. I delivered countless quality of life enhancements, and below are some of the bigger projects I spearheaded, while leading the Design Systems, Prototyping and Collaboration teams.

A more expansive document experience, and parity with Mac.


On the back of the entire web overhaul I lead in Prism, we reinvented how stakeholders other than designers would experience Sketch on web. We shifted from image-based grids, into a vector-based canvas that gave parity to how the document looked in Mac. This meant redesigning the entire navigation and complementary sidebar tools.

Shifting our aesthetic to keep up with Apple.

Big Sur

During Apple's big shift to the iOS-ification of Mac, we transitioned our design language in time for release week. Native apps always look best when they fit in. I helped design parts of the UI around the new paradigm, and provided direction for our new icon set that Prekesh Chavda put together—with some old OS X Leopard inspiration for our Experimental testing build.

A new window for power users to put on the side of their desktop.

Inserting & Managing Components

One of my first major design improvements shipped within Mac was an Insert Window that would allow you to browse and insert from Libraries. This gave users larger previews and a smarter search, with the possibility to use it on secondary displays to help power users.

The Component Mode mirrored this; a way to manage and browse the Components within the document you're creating. Handy for Design System managers to organise their hierarchy and bulk edit.

Emily Cressey and I then expanded on this, bringing it to other stakeholders through the Web app, to integrate components with their development process.

Improvements to a Popover & Menu.

Colour Variables & Component Menu

A major Component we added to help systemise designs was the most basic; colours. This involved rethinking each Colour Well in the Inspector and the experience that came with the colour popover.

To help quickly fetch or replace any Component in the Inspector, we also built out a menu with a search for all Component types.

A template teaching users to create visual effects and systemise their design.


I helped support the Sketch community through talks about our craft and design systems, stayed involved with insights for articles, and also aided with the construction of templates. Above is an example of a finished template, where we guided the user to explore blending, tinting, nesting, overrides, smart layout and constraints.